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Most assume interior decorators are just for the rich and famous. This is a huge falsehood that stops most people from picking up the phone to call a decorator for help.


Here is what everyone needs to know: Yes, we are affordable.


Our goal is to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a colour scheme, fabric selections or how to arrange furniture for optimal visual effect and ease of movement.


When selecting a colour scheme, we will make sure you're not only choosing the right colours, but also the sheen based on the final look and wearability you want to achieve.


If you have already established a distinct style for your home and do not require a full design strategy, consult with us to assist in a variety of décor challenges from materials, fabrics and paint selections to custom window treatments and accessories.


New accessories or decor, updating with a new coat of paint or custom window treatments and de-cluttering can make an enormous difference and keep your budget in check.


Depending on your scope of work, we will provide furniture layouts, sample fabrics & finishes, select paint palettes, source furnishings and accessories, manage the trades, deliveries and installation as well as prepare price estimates and costs.


Whether a small or large scale project, we work to identify and address your needs, styles and spaces.


We will work closely with you and your architect/builder to execute your style and create a cohesive design that is authentic to you.


Not only will we offer design insight, but also inspiration boards with samples of colours, fabrics and finishes that you can refer to during your appointment or share with your builder.

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