This is the perfect choice for the budget friendly ‘do-it-yourselfers’ catering specifically to those needing to kick start their decorating journeys. Need help getting started with your project, have a design dilemma, or simply need direction; we will make your life easier. Allow us to share our expertise on colours, textures, patterns and proportions as we bring your unique ideas into focus. 


6 top common design concerns for ‘DIY’s:

1. Colour palette/scheme – dated

2. Worn tired appearance/decor – lighten up

3. Mixed styles/designs – too many

4. Furniture, art & accessories – balance, scale, proportion

5. Functionality – traffic flow/poor use of space

6. Clutter/storage – creative solutions


Ideal if you want to do all the ground work yourself, i.e. shopping, styling & accessorizing.

1. A ONE HOUR 1 on 1 walk thru your home either room by room or one specific space i.e. kitchen.

2. Expert design/style suggestions, solutions, questions & answers with you taking all the notes, dimensions, photos etc.

3. Offering styling and decorating tips to pull it all together plus confidence to decorate your home

4. Share our preferred resources of suppliers & distributor

5. Flat $250.00 fee.